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L/A Confessional
L/A Confessional

On July 27, you are invited to partake in a unique and exciting opportunity to be part of a media arts initiative about Lewiston Auburn. The L/A Confessional, taking place at L/A Arts, 221 Lisbon Street in Lewiston, is a collaborative effort between Captive Elements Art House and L/A Arts to produce a short piece to be showcased in Captive Elements Art House (223 Lisbon St) at the final Lewiston Auburn Art Walk of the season on September 28, 2012.

Participant will have 20 questions to choose from, showcased on the walls of L/A Arts.  Contributors will pick the three questions that resonate with them most; the best responses will be honest, detailed and story oriented. Responses to each of the three questions may be a maximum of one minute only.  Sample questions include: “What is my biggest fear?” and “The one thing I would tell the world about L/A is?” Answers to these questions provide an intimate and honest view of our community’s perspective about ourselves, our cities and our future.

Appointments will be held in fifteen minute increments, with participants ideally reserve a time slot in advance. All question and answer sessions will be filmed on location. If you would like to participate, please contact Kerry Landry (captive08@gmail.com) or Carly Bouchard (carly.bouchard@laarts.org, 782-7228) to reserve a time slot. All participants are required to arrive ten minutes early to their reserved time slot or risk losing their spot.

L/A Confessional is not the only thing happening on Friday July 27th! Don’t forget to check out all that is happening during Art Walk Lewiston Auburn, from gorgeous gallery spaces to smiling faces, live music and tasty treats at local restaurants. Art Walk Lewiston Auburn begins at 5PM and continues to rock until 8:30PM. The DownEast Brass will be performing in Dufresne Plaza (adjacent to 84 Lisbon St) at 6PM. The Downeast Brass is comprised of five highly experienced musicians from Southern and Central Maine. They enjoy playing a wide range of styles, from classical to Dixieland, and from parades to wedding ceremonies.

Art Walk Lewiston Auburn is also calling all artists to submit their work for the upcoming August 31 Art Walk. Put yourself out there and submit your fantastic work today at www.artwalklewistonauburn.com. The final deadline for artists to submit their work for the August show is August 19, 2012 at 5PM.



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