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Geocaching, an electronic scavenger hunt, is now available in Lewiston!

LEWISTON:  Join the hunt!!!  Geocaching, an electronic scavenger hunt, is now available in Lewiston!  Geocaches are located all over the world. They consist of a container with a log book, some information about the site at which it’s located, and, often, trinkets for “cachers,” who locate these caches by their GPS coordinates, to take and replace with one of their own. 

How did Lewiston join the geocaching world?  The City of Lewiston is regulated by the Maine Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (MePDES) Permit for all stormwater discharges.  A requirement of the permit is to provide public education on stormwater.  As such, City of Lewiston summer interns, Ben Sullivan and Greg LaBonte, have taken on the challenge of making learning fun!

They have placed a dozen caches throughout the Hart Brook and Jepson Brook watersheds.  The City is working on plans for these watersheds designed to improve their water quality and lessen their impact on the Androscoggin River.  Lewiston’s caches provide an interesting trek through the city along with watershed information and ways that individuals can help improve water quality.  A listing of the caches and more stormwater information may be found at

Lewiston Project Engineer Jan Patterson notes, “Geocaching is a great way to get to know your city. It can be done as a group activity or by an individual.  The website provides coordinates of caches by zip code, street, or city.  With only a GPS, residents can begin an adventure that’s fun, informative, and can take them to places they’ve never seen. “

Lewiston’s caches are also part of the MeDEP’s Watershed Quest.  If an individual locates and logs in ten of the available twelve caches, that person will receive a special Participation Wooden Nickel which commemorates the Watershed Earth Cache Quest.  A picture of the commemorative coin can be found on the MeDEP website, which will soon also have Lewiston’s caching info up & running:

For additional information on the watershed geocaches or stormwater in general, residents may contact Jan Patterson, Project Engineer, City of Lewiston at 513-3003; TTY/TDD 513-3007 or


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