Community Spirit


MECHANIC FALLS, MAINE, 10/13/2010.  It’s been reported by reliable sources that the “Lady in White”, the legendary ghost of Route 26, has been reappearing in the dark of the night on a regular basis this Fall at Harvest Hill Farms.

The reason for the “regular” appearance of this apparition is that she is part of the hauntings created by Jeff Strout, Spook Miester extraordinaire, on the Gauntlet, a haunted night ride through the deep woods on the acreage of Harvest Hill Farms on Route 26 in Mechanic Falls.

The Gauntlet is one of three Fall Halloween venues Peter Bolduc and his wife Kathie operate at their Route 26 location in Mechanic Falls.

Lewiston Seeks Donation of Spruce Tree for Holiday Celebration

The City of Lewiston is seeking the donation of a tree with which to decorate Dufresne Plaza (formerly Courthouse Plaza), Lewiston--the destination point for this year's "Parade of Lights." 

City Arborist Steve Murch is seeking a Spruce tree that is 35'-45' tall with a "good full shape and a single stem." The tree needs to be easily accessible, i.e., not growing into power lines and not in a backyard, and it also needs to be located within the City of Lewiston.

If interested in donating such a tree, residents may contact City Arborist Steve Murch at 513-3003, X3443; TTY/TDD:  513-3007 or at mailto: The City Arborist will inspect suggested trees and by mid-November, the owner of the selected tree will be notified. In regards to the tree removal, the City will also return in the spring to grind the stump and loam/seed the area.