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Equestrian Open Barn Day
Equestrian Open Barn Day

Maine’s Inaugural Equestrian Open Barn Day will be held on Sunday, May 27th.  Barns all over the State are participating! The list of barns participating has been published in print and online at The Horse’s Maine, Maine’s equestrian newspaper, see below.

Each participating equestrian barn has determined its own program for the day. Possibilities include demo lessons, riding demos, pony (and horse!) petting, refreshments, meeting the equine residents, and other original ideas. It is a day for families who would enjoy visiting with the horses to get out and meet them, or individuals who are interested in riding lessons, boarding or training to check out the different stables in their area. Local barns are looking forward to their visits.

Maine Equestrian Open Barn Day is for everyone. Don’t know a thing about horses? This is the day to find out! Just want to get the kids out? They’ll love the horses! Looking for a new barn? You’ll never find out more! Or have you always wanted to ride, but never quite gotten around to it? Maybe you thought you were too old now to start? Nonsense. It’s never too late and you’ll be most welcome.

Many of these barns have indoor rings, so if it happens to rain, the fun will still go on!

For much more information, contact Lynda McCann.

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