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Police investigate storage unit break-ins

LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Lewiston police are investigating a break-in at more than a dozen storage units late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning. Police say the thieves took thousands of dollars worth of antiques and collectables from the victims at Moore Self-Storage.

Locks on some units were cut. Police say some other units that were broken into were unlocked. One of the victims, Jacqueline Stowe-Davis, say the thieves took dozens of her husband's G.I. Joe and Star Wars collectables, still in their original boxes.

"They don't care," Stowe-Davis said. "I don't know what they're doing it for whether they're on drugs, need the money, or just like living the crime life. I don't know. But it means a lot to my husband and my heart is breaking for him."

Storage units in New Gloucester and in North Yarmouth also have been broken into in recent weeks. Police are looking into whether the thefts are related, but they also say it is not unusual for people to break in to storage lockers.


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