Domingue delivers in first AHL shutout for Pirates

Bridgeport, Conn. (NEWS CENTER) - Louis Domingue stopped all 31 shots he faced for his first career AHL shutout as the Pirates beat Bridgeport 2-0. 

Andy Miele and Brett Hextall provided the goals for Portland. 

The Pirates are back on the road tomorrow afternoon against Worcester. 



Lewiston Mayor sworn in for a second term

LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Lewiston's mayor struck a conciliatory tone Tuesday night as he was inaugurated for a second time.

Mayor Bob MacDonald says the city is transforming itself through redevelopment projects on Lisbon Street and through the tearing down of condemned buildings downtown. He also pledged to continue his efforts to change the city's welfare system.

The members of the city council also were sworn in Tuesday night.


















Heavy rain, not snow, puts road crews to work again

AUBURN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Heavy rainfall and melting snow overwhelmed storm drains, many which were clogged with snow and ice, flooding roads throughout the state.

Public works and highway maintenance crews struggled to keep up with the rising water throughout the morning on Monday as they rushed to not only reopen roads, but beat the clock before temperatures plummet below freezing once the storm passes by.

"We've been right out straight since a couple days before Christmas," stated Tim Cusick, superintendent of the Maine Department of Transportation's Region 1.  "The guys are getting tired, they have been at it seven days a week basically for the past two or three weeks."

Heavy rains flood and ice over roads

AUBURN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - It was a difficult commute for many people this morning as some streets flooded and others iced up.

Scattering CJ: a mother's quest for her son

AUBURN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Three years ago, Hallie Twomey had her heart broken by the suicide of her 20-year-old son. Now with the help of social media, she is honoring her son's memory through a most unusual quest-- sending his ashes around the world.

Two weeks ago, Hallie Twomey donated her kidney on behalf of her father who received a successful heart transplant and on behalf of her son, C.J. whose organ recipient she met after he died.

"Hugging him was so hard because it's my son."

For three years, Twomey has been tormented by the suicide of her son. Moments before he stormed out of their home and shot himself in his car-- she and C.J. had an argument.

"It's my single biggest regret. I didn't hug him and tell him I loved him," says Twomey. "Even if the outcome had been the same... If had said I love you, I think I would hate myself less." Twomey has sought counseling and support groups. Nothing helped, she says.

H.S. basketball polls: Classes 'A' & 'B' , Week 5

NEWS CENTER - Here's are the high school basketball rankings in Class 'A' and 'B' for week five. 

Class 'A' Boys

1. Hampden (6-0)
2. Portland (7-0)
3. Bonny Eagle (7-0)
4. Bangor (4-2)
5. Falmouth (5-1)

Class 'B' Boys

1. Greely (6-0)
2. Caribou (6-0)
3. Oceanside (6-1)
4. Morse: (7-0)
5 Yarmouth (3-2)

Class 'A' Girls

1. Mcauley (6-0)
2.Edward Little (7-0)
3. Lawrence (5-1)
4. Thornton Acad. (5-1)
5. Portland (6-1)

Class 'B' Girls

1. Lake Region (5-1)
2. Nokomis (7-0)
3. Presque Isle (9-0)
4. Wells (5-1)
5. Mount Desert Island (6-1)
5. Spruce Mountain (6-0)