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Be Informed; Don't Get Towed When It Snows!


Lewiston Councilor Craig Saddlemire was reminded of a valuable lesson today—don’t park on the street when a Lewiston emergency winter parking ban is in effect!  By doing so, he received a $30 ticket from Officer Patrick Griffin.  In that regard, Councilor Saddlemire and his colleagues on the Downtown Neighborhood Action Committee (DNAC) want Lewiston residents to be informed of emergency winter parking bans and utilize alternative parking when a ban is in effect. Starting in the winter of 2012, the City of Lewiston will no longer exercise a City-wide overnight winter-long parking ban. However, on September 4, 2012, the City Council adopted a City-wide emergency parking ban system to be utilized as needed on a storm-by-storm basis.  Vehicle owners parking on any City street when a ban is declared will receive a $30 fine and towing at their expense. In that regard, DNAC is encouraging Lewiston residents to participate in NOTIFY ME on the City’s web site,  By signing up for “Alert Center,” they will receive either an e-mail or text message (their choice) when a ban is declared.  If an individual is not able to sign up online, an emergency winter parking ban information hotline is available at (207) 513-3141. The City of Lewiston will also have a winter parking ban noted via a drop-down banner on its web site; will post info on the City’s “Official City of Lewiston, Maine” Facebook page, which feeds to the City’s Twitter account; do media outreach; and will partner with various community entities to post parking ban messages on electronic message boards.  In addition, parking pre-planning is encouraged regarding winter storms.  Municipal lots (not schools) and parking garages are free to use from 6 p.m. or after until the following morning at 7 a.m. on weekdays and are free to use on weekends beginning 6 p.m. Friday until 7 a.m. on Monday. Parking garage addresses and directions can be found at   Should a vehicle be towed, individuals may learn the location of their vehicle by calling 784-6421.  In addition to fine/towing expense incurred, no vehicle will be released until all unpaid tickets are paid in full . Other Parking Restrictions• Although there is no longer a winter-long overnight parking ban, there are still some streets within the City of Lewiston that will continue to have restricted side of street parking in effect 24 hours a day from December 1st through March 30th. • Occasionally, streets will be posted for snow removal. Notification is typically posted in a snowbank, and parking is prohibited in the marked area. Parking restrictions for snow removal will be posted at various times; typical times are midnight to 6 a.m. OR 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. • The City of Lewiston also has other posted parking restrictions to include "No Parking" zones, "Loading" zones, etc.  

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