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Lisbon – Members of the Lisbon School Department junior volunteer group recently celebrated the end of another successful year of contributing to a school and community projects.  Students grades five through 12 are invited to join the volunteer program modeled after the adult program for the Lisbon School District.  Members of the Lisbon High School group contributed 4,594 hours; Philip W. Sugg Middle School students contributed 1,127 hours; and members of the youngest group of volunteers at Lisbon Community School volunteered 750 hours.  “The 2011-2012 school year was another great  year thanks to  amount of dedicated hours by all groups,” shares Monica Millhime, Community Resource and Volunteer Coordinator.    “The adult volunteers contributed 14,636 hours of service assisting in classrooms, chaperoning field trips, offering culinary assistance, photocopying, laminating, booklet binding and so much more, contributing to a record breaking total of 21,107 hours of volunteer time.”  Photos courtesy of Heidi Coulombe.  

Thanks to a community partnership with Papa Gino’s and Flagship Cinemas in Auburn, students, parents and Lewiston-Auburn Rotary members were treated to a pizza party and a movie to celebrate the generous giving of volunteer services.   Parents and students joined the fun and reflected on the many joint projects completed by generations of volunteers working together.

A moving speech and presentation to their advisor, Monica Millhime, was made on behalf of all students by PWS Junior Volunteer President, Cody Campbell.  “Mrs. Millhime has always been a part of the community in one way or another, lending a helping hand, organizing events, you name, she does everything.  I’m surprised she has time to sleep,” shared Campbell.  “She’s a great inspiration on what anyone should strive to be.”

Lisbon Community School students receiving the National Presidential Service Award included:  Gold award,  Carolyn Shane and Caleb Berube.   Receiving the bronze award:  Alyssa Judd, Geoffrey Shambarger, and Vanessa Bussiere.  Students receiving the certificate of appreciation:  Amber Soucy, Joey Frederick, Morgan Roy, Charlee Cox, Giana Russo, Carly Drischler, Sydney Plourde, Peyton Gosselin, Faith Williams, Grace Tibbetts, Evan Houde, Mark Robinson and Kassie Jones.

Philip W. Sugg Middle School students receiving the National Presidential Service Award included:  Gold award, Spenser Thebeau and Jake Angelico.  Receiving the silver award:  Adam White, Bradley Harriman, and Ben LeClair.  Receiving the bronze award:  Cody Campbell, Natalie Thomsen, Jared Williams, Zach Morin and Jacob Leclair.  Certificates of appreciation:  Arianna White, Jordan Fredrick, Breann Sautter, Cassidy Daly and Alyssa Briglio, Silas Crosby, Joseph Couillard, Caitlyn Cyr, Hope Morse, and Lorean Read. 

Lisbon High School students receiving the National Presidential Service Award included:  Gold award, Dillon Fox, Paula Caron, and Jenna Clifford.  Receiving the silver award:  Adam Thebeau, Lindsey, Sarah Giraldo, Ryan Buzzell, Breanna Cota, Tyler Daly, Sierra Crosby, Paige Galligan, and Jack Caron.  Receiving the bronze award:  Melissa Hoskins, Kayla Angelico, Kristianna Benoit, Shantal MacWhinnie, Abigail Roy, Bryanna Sult, Sarah Craig, DJ Judd, Connor Craig, Charles Sult and Tiffany Hursh.  Certificates of appreciation:  Nikkole Gardner, Kody Priddle, Kyle Priddle, Samantha Foote, Dillon Pesce, Ginny Tolbert, Brett William, Paige Hussey, Helen Dow, Michael Kane, Sarah Stone, Haley Ridley, Courtney Moulton, Charles Roy, Erik Chapman, Kelly Harding, Emma Wilson, Emma Wilson, Jennifer Runyon, Brittany Couillard, Nichole Jones, Nick Corey, Caitlyn Owens, Brett Gravel, Erika Gardner, Kaitlyn, Lily Wade, Molly Dow, Kristen Wood, Dustin Wood, Sydney Tolbert Monica Austin, Faith Grady and Draven Walker.   

FMI on events and opportunities to volunteer and become a community partner with Lisbon Schools call 754.0021 or email  Visit Community Resource News in Lisbon Schools on Facebook for the latest news and events. 



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