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Ceremony Marks the Restoration of Mid Coast Hospital’s Nature Trail

On September 27th, Mid Coast Hospital will host a ceremony to mark the restoration of its Nature Trail. This wooded walking path winds through the forested wetlands area between the hospital and the protected estuary and salt water marshes of Thompson’s Brook.

Accessible through the hospital’s Healing Garden and parking lots, the trail offers more than 3,300 feet of prepared walking paths that patients, visitors, staff, and the community can use for exercise in a beautiful outdoor environment. Benches located near scenic areas along the path allow those wishing to pursue a more leisurely pace, a place for quiet rest and contemplation.

The Nature Trail is part of Mid Coast Hospital’s initiative to provide a healing environment for patients, their families, and the community as a whole.

Where can I find Olympics on cable?

WCSH 6, NBC Sports Network, Bravo, MSNBC and CNBC will all carry Olympic content. Time Warner Cable will also be carrying NBC's Olympic Basketball channel and Olympic Soccer channels.

Different communities have different channel number configurations

Here are the channel numbers (standard definition / high definition) for the Lewiston/Auburn, Augusta, Rockland, Waterville, Windham, Southern York county, Franklin and Oxford county areas:

WCSH 6 06/706
NBC Sports Network 126/749
Bravo 53/796
MSNBC 40/765
CNBC 39/762
Basketball Channel 1510 (only)
Soccer Channel 1511 (only)

Do you have Comcast (in the Bath-Brunswick area), DirecTV, or Dish Network?  Consult your listings!

ALL Olympic coverage will be available streaming live online.  Go to for much more information.

And remember, WCSH 6 is always free and over the air!